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Burns To The Neck From Hot Devices                                                           

Burns caused by hair styling devices are among the top few ways that burns happen at home. Taking care of your skin is a choice that is becoming more and more routine with everyday beauty care.  

Burns Do Not Heal Quickly 

Physcians and other health care experts agree that extra precaution should be taken while using such devices close to the skin.  Burns do not heal quickly and infection is sometimes a factor.  

The Solution Is Here!

By wearing "Love My Neck & Head Protectors" while using hot devices you can help eliminate burns to the neck and head. 

How It Works

The outer layer is made of special high heat resistant fabric.  The middle layer is padding which will heat back to the source it came from.  The bottom layer is made of stylish flannel for comfort to the skin.  The three layers work together to deliver a shield against burns to the neck and head. This is a very lightweight, flexible and comfortable product that is machine washable!  Love My Neck & Head Protectors have adjustable velcro fastener and fits youth through adult.

Make Styling Easier

Create the style you desire by allowing the hot styling devices to be placed closer to the neck and around the face without the worry of burns.  Wearing Love My Neck & Head Protectors will give protection to the neck and head and help eleminate burns if touched while styling.  Curls, waves and straightened hair will lay better than ever before by allowing  more precise styling!

More About Love My Neck Protector

With Patent Pending, Love My Neck & Head Protectors are the first and only products on the market designed to protect from hot styling devices and made of these amazing fabrics!  These products were carefully designed and tested to achieve maximum protection, comfort and simplicity!  

A product that works!

Kimberly Smith

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